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Why Hire a Catastrophic Injury Lawyer?

Catastrophic Injuries and Claims

When negligence by another driver, a medical professional or in the workplace has resulted in severe injuries, it is critical to retain experienced legal representation.  An Orange County catastrophic injury attorney can address the legal concerns surrounding the case, and the question of fair compensation for damages.  A catastrophic injury is one in which the individual suffers some type of permanent injury with lifelong repercussions.  This could include paralysis, disfiguring injuries, loss of limb, severe burns, brain damage and internal injuries among others.  The victim usually faces many challenges after such an accident, and in many cases requires medical treatments or care throughout the rest of their lives. 

Orange County Catastrophic Injury Attorney

As the damages suffered in such cases are so extreme, the lawsuit or claim must address this, truly reflecting the harm that was inflicted by the liable party.  The claim could include damages such as ongoing medical costs, loss of wages, future wage loss, other financial losses, loss of enjoyment of life, pain and suffering and others.  In cases in which criminal wrongdoing led to the injuries, such as in drunk driving accidents, it is likely that punitive damages will be sought as well.

Attempting to file such a claim without skilled legal assistance could result in failing to demand certain types of compensation, or accepting a settlement offer that is far lower than one could expect with a knowledgeable attorney from Pacific Attorney Group providing legal representation.  Insurance companies are often concerned with avoiding large settlements and can make efforts to deny valid claims.  A victim of a catastrophic injury may need future medical intervention and care, and having the finances available to seek newer and better treatments is vital.  When your loved one has been severely injured, it is crucial that they have access to top medical care as well as have the best quality of life possible after such an injury.  We can help, and if the case must be tried in court, we will be well-prepared to present the case and fight for the rights of the victim.

Contact an Orange County Catastrophic Injury Attorney from our firm at once if you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury through negligence.

Orange County Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Contact a Orange County Catastrophic Injury Lawyer from Pacific Attorney Group If you or a loved one has been injured In a Catastrophic Injury

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