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Attorney for Orange County Quadriplegia Cases

Quadriplegia is a physical condition that may result from trauma to the spine or from a disease or illness that affects the nerves in the spinal cord. It is characterized by a loss of sensation and mobility in both the arms and legs. Depending on the extent of spinal cord damage, quadriplegia may result in immobility and loss of feeling in the entire body below the neck, and this may lead to other problems such as loss of bladder and bowel control, loss of sexual function and difficulty coughing or breathing, as well as other medical complications. Quadriplegia is therefore one of the most catastrophic injuries a person may sustain.

What causes quadriplegia? Most commonly, quadriplegia is caused by auto accidents. Other causes include falls, gunshot wounds, sport-related injuries and industrial accidents. If you or a family member was left paralyzed as the result of any type of accident or other incident that was related to another person's misconduct, an attorney at our firm can help you take legal action to seek financial compensation for what you have endured. In addition to recovering damages for medical bills and lost wages that you have already experienced, we can seek money for future medical care, assistive devices, physical therapy and continued treatment, loss of earning potential, and possibly much more. The catastrophic nature of quadriplegia makes the worth of these claims often significant.

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