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Neurological Disorders in a Catastrophic Injury

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Being a victim of a catastrophic injury can change your life forever.  Relationships, family dynamics, financial stability and quality of life can all be adversely affected.  When dealing with a neurological disorder that is a result of injury, diagnosis and treatment can prove to be difficult and a lifetime of therapy could be required.  In any accident or trauma to your brain that is caused by the negligence of another, such as an automobile or workplace accident, you could be eligible to receive monetary damages.  Your rights are very important to protect, as being the victim of an injury-induced neurological disorder could bring you to the brink of financial ruin.  For more information on how to proceed in your case, it is in your best interest to contact an Orange County catastrophic injury attorney as soon as possible.

Neurological disorders result from either a disease or trauma to the brain and nervous system. Although these disorders prove many times to be complex, cutting edge medical research continues to provide answers and treatment solutions.  Symptoms can be varied and many, but are all likely to have serious effects on your lifestyle. Some of the common issues surrounding a neurological disorder may include:

Loss of coordination or balance
Loss or impairment of speech skills
Numbness in an extremity
Tremors or muscle stiffness
Difficulty with automatic functions such as blinking or swallowing

Obtaining Assistance in a Neurological Disorder Case

Protecting yourself and your family in a case of catastrophic injury is crucial.  The experienced attorneys at Pacific Law Group can work with you and vigorously pursue a financial settlement that could help return you to financial security.  Our lawyers work daily with cases of worker's compensation and have the know-how to provide you with an outstanding level of personal service and legal representation.

Don't lose anymore sleep over your case.   Contact an Orange County Catastrophic Injury Attorney today to begin protecting your legal rights.

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