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Nerve Damage in Injury Cases

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Severe accidents can result in damage to nerves, either through crushing, bruising or in the most extreme cases, the nerves have been severed.  Nerve damage injuries can come about through car accidents, work accidents and other incidents in which the body suffers a massive impact.  The symptoms and conditions that can result from damaged nerves range from numbness that eventually resolves to paralysis, whether quadriplegia or paraplegia.  In cases in which the actions of another individual led to the nerve damage, it is critical that you contact an Orange County catastrophic injury attorney to address the legal aspects of the injury case.

Nerve Damage Injury Lawyer in Orange County

Some cases of nerve damage are the result of medical negligence or malpractice, whether through a surgical error or in some cases during the birth process. The victim can suffer lifelong effects from the negligence and require ongoing medical or nursing care.  Each case of nerve damage has individual circumstances and degree of damage to the nerves.  No matter what the situation, when the injury has been caused through the actions of another individual, a claim or lawsuit should be filed to pursue compensation for the damages suffered. 

At Pacific Attorney Group, our legal team takes on such cases with the full dedication to the client that is needed in any catastrophic injury claim.  As the injuries are often permanent and the victim will never again enjoy the condition that they had before the incident, the claim must reflect all the types of damages suffered.  The attorney from our firm will seek to recover compensation that is commensurate with the loss of ability and challenges our client will now be facing.  Our legal team is experienced and compassionate and is prepared to fight for the client's right to a settlement, judgment or verdict after suffering nerve damage through negligence. 

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