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Loss of Hearing

Orange County Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Are you currently experiencing the signs or symptoms of hearing loss in relation to workplace exposure or any accident? An Orange County injury attorney at our law firm can meet with you to talk about your options in filing a claim or lawsuit to seek financial damages for your injury. Loss of hearing may be classified as a catastrophic injury due to the significant impact it may have on a victim's life - leading to difficulty with work, communication, carrying out daily tasks and participating in social activities. We understand what you are going through and wish to help you recover the money that can help you pay for hearing aids, medical care, and essentially help you rebuild and recuperate.

Orange County Injury Claims for Hearing Loss

An injury claim may be filed for hearing loss in relation to different types of accidents or other situations. For example, physical trauma to the head, brain or ear may cause hearing loss in one or both ears. Continued exposure to loud noises at work may lead to hearing loss, sometimes many years after one was originally exposed to this noise. Hearing loss may also be associated with illness or disease.

In cases where loss of hearing is related to an accident, act of negligence or carelessness, work-related injury, or any type of situation that was caused by another person's conduct, you may have the right to file a personal injury or workers' compensation claim to seek financial benefits. Our law firm deals with all types of these claims and lawsuits throughout the Orange County area, and we will be happy to discuss your particular case with you in detail.

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