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Representing Victims of Serious Accidents & Injuries in the Orange County Area

If you, a friend or a family member recently sustained eye injury in an accident at work or in any situation that was caused by another's conduct or negligence, our law firm can help. An Orange County eye injury lawyer at our offices can meet with you to discuss your legal options in filing a personal injury suit or workers' compensation claim in order to seek financial compensation or benefits for medical care, missed work, and possibly much more. Our goal will be to help you seek the medical attention you need while recovering the money you need for your future.

Pacific Attorney Group handles all types of eye injury claims in the Orange County area. This includes injuries that resulted from toxic exposure or exposure to light or radiation at work, traumatic eye injury sustained in industrial accidents, auto accidents, falls and dog attacks, as well as a loss of eyesight or eye injury sustained from using defective or dangerous products. Our attorneys can offer a number of different services to our clients in this regard:

Helping our client in filing an insurance claim Conducting all communication with law enforcement, the other party and the insurance companies involved Undergoing negotiations with the insurance company to assist an eye injury victim in recovering a just financial settlement Taking our client's case to civil court if necessary, in the presence of wrongful conduct by an insurance company or if a settlement simply cannot be reached through negotiation

In taking on a client's eye injury claim, our legal team will apply all of our resources in investigating the exact circumstances that led to the injury in order to hold the proper party responsible for their conduct.

Find out how we can help you seek justice and recover financial compensation for your eye injury claim in Orange County, California. Contact an Orange County eye injury attorney at our firm today!

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