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Catastrophic Injury Causes

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Many catastrophic injuries are the result of vehicle, pedestrian, motorcycle and bicycle accidents.  There are thousands of such tragic injuries every year, and the victims face extreme challenges, and in the saddest cases, the individual may never recover and their lives are forever altered.  This includes cases in which the victim was paralyzed or suffered loss of limb, eyesight, hearing or brain damage through negligence.  Some catastrophic injuries are the result of medical negligence.  In all such cases, it is vital that you get legal representation from an Orange County catastrophic injury lawyer to assist you in filing a claim or lawsuit to recover compensatory damages. 

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer in Orange County

Our legal team at Pacific Attorney Group takes on such cases with a firm determination to pursue compensation that will reflect the degree of damage suffered by the injured victim.  These cases may go to court for a final judgment if the insurance company contests the cause of the injury; our legal team will present the case professionally and will have the case well-prepared.  Most cases settle prior to a trial, but some medical malpractice cases may go to trial.  Our firm has outstanding resources to provide expert testimony to back up our claim of negligence.

Some individuals do not realize how crucial it is that you have legal representation in such cases, you are at risk of being offered a settlement far lower than you could expect to recieve when supported by our legal team.  As the compensation or settlement is extremely important for the injured as they will usually require long term medical treatments, medication, equipment and often a series of surgeries. They often are unable to work or even function in life, and the costs to care for them and give them the best possible quality of life will be very expensive.  When future treatments are discovered, you want to have the finances available to seek these treatments.  Don't take chances in such injury cases, contact the firm to assist you.

Contact an Orange Catastrophic Injury Lawyer from our legal team to assist in the claims process in cases of serious injury.

Orange County Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Contact a Orange County Catastrophic Injury Lawyer from Pacific Attorney Group If you or a loved one has been injured In a Catastrophic Injury

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