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Orange County Attorney for Amputation Claims

Amputation and dismemberment are catastrophic injuries that will permanently impact a victim's life. If you or a loved one suffered amputation as the result of an auto accident, workplace injury or any other situation that occurred at work or was related to another's negligence, an Orange County amputation attorney at our law firm can help. At Pacific Attorney Group we represent victims of catastrophic injuries throughout the Orange County area. We offer a free consultation to help you get started in receiving the help you need in order to seek financial compensation that will help you with medical expenses and future losses or damages associated with your injuries.

Amputation Accident Claims and Lawsuits

There are different situations that would warrant the filing of an insurance claim, workers' compensation claim or personal injury lawsuit in relation to amputation or dismemberment. A victim may suffer from amputation in any type of auto accident, such as a motorcycle accident or pedestrian accident. Amputation may result from a work-related accident, such as an industrial accident or construction site accident. Amputation may also result from a dog attack or from an incident involving a defective or dangerous product. Surgical amputation may be necessary in some cases when a limb cannot be saved and must be removed in order to protect the health of a patient who has suffered a serious injury. Infection, irreparable damage to a body part and severe blood loss may be situations that would warrant surgical amputation.

Regardless of the circumstances of your Orange County injury claim involving amputation, surgical amputation or dismemberment, a lawyer at our offices can offer you the guidance and representation you need.

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